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Consinee Group won the STWI Project certificate

   December 8, 2015, Consinee Group was awarded "STWI Project" certificate for the outstanding achievements in improving the use and management efficiency of water, energy and chemical resource. It’s the first time for "STWI project" to come into reality in China and Consinee was proud of this implementation with such a historic significance.

   "STWI Project" was a cleaner production projects that was established by the Swedish government and mainly executed by the Stockholm International Water Institute. Its purpose is to improve the use and management efficiency of water, energy, chemical of textile industry in the production process and improve the ability of textile enterprises in water resources and environmental management. By 2015, the implementation of this project for the first time in China, which is also the largest clean production project for the international textile industry working directly with Chinese factories so far.
   All along, “CP (Cleaner Production) and Energy Saving" is always the meaningful and important production mode advocated by Consinee Group. As a powerful clean production enterprise in Zhejiang Province, Consinee work heart and soul to improve its efficiency use of natural resources and to enhance the competitiveness of the company's future sustainable development and it has become a worldwide internal resource efficiency, environmental risk management and sustainable development leader in Ecology (green) textile design. Consinee Group will continue to work with the international high-end brands in all-round cooperation to make our living space greener and healthier.