the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Get a view of the charm of Consinee from Close-Up Fashion Textile

Close-Up Fashion Textile is a fashion forecast book that produced by a publishing group that was founded by a management team that is able to identify the needs of the representatives who work in the textile and fashion industry with direct experience and fill the gaps present in the trade publications division that deal with fashion and design.

This book’s aim is to break the habit of traditional trade magazines by offering more targeted tools. It is popular in style and design operators, designers, creative directors, buyers, clothing companies and textile producers.

In its latest edition, the Best of S/S 2016, the Forecast of F/W2016-2017, and the Preview of S/S 2017, you can find the fashion trends for the coming seasons, involving the textile world, express through different approaches and kaleidoscopic interpretations the need for a return to nature, to observe the perpetual motion of the elements around us in order to re-breathe the soul of the planet.

As The world leader in luxury yarn, Consinee Group is obviously in the first page to show the superior quality, grade and taste, and you can get a short view of the charm of Consinee fashion yarns in this edition of Close-Up Fashion Textile. After you have a look at such charming quality, you will get the point that gifts you the image on the cover of this issue.