2/48 85% BCI Cotton 15% Recycled Cashmere (Semi-worsted)

2/48 85% BCI Cotton 15% Recycled Cashmere (Semi-worsted)


Gauge suggested:16 GG

Colors in stock:1 color

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MOQ:MOQ: 1kg/color for stock,30kg/color for customer color

BCI cotton cashmere is an important core product for spring summer for CONSINEE.


Cotton is one of the world's essential natural fibres, It's used by nearly everyone every day,supporting around 250 million people's livelihoods, It's a renewable natural resource, but only if managed responsibly, In 2005, a group of visionary organizations came together to help safeguard the future of cotton and developed an initiative called Better Cotton.


With more and more attention to environmental protection, the pursuit of sustainable development has also affected the textile industry,resulting in the renewable cashmere ,wool coming into being.

We have implemented systems to apply these new techniques and can now offer a range of recycled cashmere blends that maintain the same luxurious quality and can be dyed to any colour to fit your fashion needs whilst reducing the overall impact of production.

Since the world resources of raw materials are limited and the damage done to the environment to produce them is a reality, we believe being able to offer a high quality cashmere range of yarns is an essential step in the sustainable direction for cashmere and blend with other fibres.

Consinee yarn are ISO 9001, 14001, and OEKO-TEX100 ,BCI COTTON ,GRS certificated.

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