2/60 61% Cotton 27% Silk 12% Cashmere (Worsted)

2/60 61% Cotton 27% Silk 12% Cashmere (Worsted)


Gauge suggested:16 GG

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MOQ:MOQ: 1kg/color for stock,30kg/color for customer color

A superfine blended cotton yarn that has a crispness yet additional creative visual depth through novelty colour dye effects.

High count fine cashmere yarn brings you luxury experience in spring and summer.

1.Cashmere fiber, as one of the most luxury and precious natural fiber is called “soft golden” and “diamond fiber”. Being so soft, light, warm cashmere is a precious gift for human from nature.

2.With excellent breathability and hygroscopicity, cashmere clothes can keeps body warm in winter and cool in summer. Therefore it can not only be used in fall winter knitting but can also used in spring summer clothes production.

3.High count fine cashmere yarn is widely used in spring summer knitwear production, such as cardigan, T-shirt etc.

4.The higher the count of yarn,the better the quality.Worsted cashmere has high requirements for raw materials.Worsted cashmere yarn count is far higher than that of woolen cashmere,and it's very strict to the technical requirement of process. whatever it is made into cashmere clothes can definitely bring you incomparable comfortable feel.

Consinee best silk raw material selection:

Silk is one of earliest used natural fiber by human, with special pearl luster and luxurious, smooth and cool feel. Mulberry silk is natural animal protein fiber which is soft, lustrous and can make you feel cool in summer and warm in winter. Consinee choose high quality 5A grade mulberry silk as our material.

Consinee excellent cotton raw material selection:

1. Best cotton materials
Consinee responsibly choose best Egyptian cotton material, which is naturally white and slender with good luster and enjoys a good reputation for long time.
2. Cotton and cashmere blend yarn
Egyptian cotton is superior to ordinary cotton in high count yarn spinning and has better lustre. Cotton is widely used spring summer yarn spinning.
Consinee introduces cotton into cashmere yarn spinning such as 2/48 85% Cotton15% CashmereSemi-Worstedwhich has better anti-pilling resistance.
Cotton cashmere yarn is favored by many buyers for its excellent quality and economical price.

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