2/26 60% Cashmere 40% Recycled Cashmere

2/26 60% Cashmere 40% Recycled Cashmere


Gauge suggested:12G

Colors in stock:1COLOR

*Color card service


Cashmere is the one of the most precious natural fiber in the world. It is produced under the coarse hair of goat and belongs to the rare animal fiber.Cashmere is very precious not only because its low production amount but also because of its excellent feature and property. It is called “soft gold” and incomparable by other natural fiber.
Consinee promote the cashmere blends the recycled cashmere, it not only save the cost for you,but also it is good for environment, meanwhile,it maintains the cashmere premium characteristics.

Consinee Renewable Luxury

Cashmere is one of the most valuable natural materials in fashion and we are helping to protect the future of this incredible material by making sure nothing ever goes to 'waste.' Our recycled yarn collections are made from re-engineered cashmere, which offers the same soft, insulating qualities as you would expect from virgin cashmere, just blended with other fibres for better performance.

Why choose Consinee cashmere yarn?

(1) Minimum Order Quantity

Consinee holds abundant stock service of various cashmere yarn with min order only 1kg/color.

We can deliver immediately after payment for stock. It is very convenient to try sample order.

(2) High-quality raw materials

Consinee choose best cashmere material  from places of origin in Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Qinghai province in China with fineness no more than 15.5 microns and low impurity content.  It keeps fine length and diameter, soft-and-smooth hand feeling, high purity and is therefore with better quality.

(3) Advanced production equipments

We have top domestic engineers, technicians and Italian experts, as well as the most advanced flow lines of dyeing, spinning, fancy yarn and related equipments from Italy Germany etc. to meet the different markets and requirements from buyers.

(4) Perfect service

Besides abundant stock service, we can also produce by customer's request of special composition, count and style.

We have excellent after-sale service if you have any question we will try our best to help you.