A.B.Y 2/48NM 55%Viscose20%Linen 15%Silk10%Cashmere

A.B.Y 2/48NM 55%Viscose20%Linen 15%Silk10%Cashmere


Gauge suggested:16G

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Our Freshfibre collection offers a wide variety of antibacterial cashmere blends to meet the new performance demands of the luxury consumer without harming the quality or softness that is synonymous with cashmere.


Until now the only way to add anti-bacterial properties to cashmere and natural fibres was by using a wash-in additive at the fibre, yarn or garment stage. Though this offers an element of protection, ultimately over time these benefits weaken and wash away.

With this in mind we wanted to create a more permanent anti-bacterial solution for cashmere that remains active wash after wash. Our research and development team have taken the antibacterial functionality of natural plants and applied microcapsule herb nano composite technology to our luxury natural fibres such as cashmere, wool and cotton. The result is a range of beautiful fashion yarns that have the added benefit of antibacterial functionality whilst remaining, pure, natural and chemical free.