2/16Nm 50% mercerized wool 40% fox 10%nylon

2/16Nm 50% mercerized wool 40% fox 10%nylon


Gauge suggested:7 gauge 1 end

Colors in stock:8 colors

*Color card service

MOQ:1kg/color for stock 20kg/color for customer color

What is fox fibre?

Fox fibre is a kind of precious natural animalfibre, which is long, soft and fine. It has the features of cashmere, angoraand camel.

Fox fibre is produced by fox, it is the by-product of fox fur. Therefore the use of fox fibre is the recycling ofresource.

DARWIN combines the smoothness andgentleness of mercerized merino wool and the fineness of fox fibre. Its textureis full, soft and warm.

DARWIN Color Carded

Please request an actual swatch since colors can vary on screen