NM2/48 70%Merino Wool 30%Cashmere yarn (worsted)

NM2/48 70%Merino Wool 30%Cashmere yarn (worsted)


Gauge suggested:14/16 gauge

Colors in stock:36 colors

*Color card service

MOQ:1kg/color for stock, 30kg/color for customer service

worsted cashmere wool yarn

Worsted cashmere wool blend yarn has excellent qualities of both cashmere fiber and merino wool fiber;
we hold 54 colors in stock service supported by color card, if you need we can send you color card pr sample for reference.

1. We choose best merino wool material from Australia with thinckness ≤17.5micron, wool top from 90's

to 110's.

2. we choose the best quality cashmere material with Fineness ≤15.5μm, fiber length 34-38mm from Inner

Mongolia, Qinghai Ningxia.

we supply with mini order 1kg/color for 36 colors in stock service, and we can also produce your special

colors by your request with min order 30kg/color for top dye, 5kg/color for yarn dye.

swatch of NM2/48 70%Merino Wool 30%Cashmere yarn (worsted) yarn:

LAIMA Color Carded

Please request an actual swatch since colors can vary on screen