NM2/36 100% cashmere yarn

NM2/36 100% cashmere yarn


Gauge suggested:14 gauge

Colors in stock:54 colors

*Color card service

MOQ:1kg/color for stock service, 20kg/color for customer service

The everlasting classic cashmere

MINERVA 2/36 100% cashmere yarn is a kind of high count woolen cashmere yarn,which has excellent property and favored by world market.

Swatch effect of 2/36 100% cashmere yarn:

Consinee cashmere-The most advanced yarn production

1. Consinee is the largest cashmere exporter in china with strong annual capacity 7000tons of various yarns.

2. Consinee has been supported by the latest and most advanced production equipments and technology from Italy.

3. Consinee keeps strict and standardized quality control system to ensure best quality yarn.

4. Based on the joint intelligence of professional Italy and domestic engineers with more than 30 years'experience, Consinee is dedicated to making a perfect high quality yarn industry chain including woolen, worsted, semi worsted and fancy yarn as well as fabrics.

MINERVA Color Carded

Please request an actual swatch since colors can vary on screen