the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
New Style Cashmere Yarn for Consinee

Below are new styles of Consinee cashmere yarns:

1, 100%baby cashmere-undye color

    Tibetan Baby cashmereis the ultimate in organic luxury. The natural and un-dyed hues of this yarn reflect the essential beauty, luster and softness of this noble fibre. The complete absence of dye stuffs makes this uniquely gentle against the skin and kind on our environment.

2, NIMBUS  100%cashmere-brushed yarn

    There has a thin layer of mist layeron the yarn surface. The yarn body has a hazy feeling. First touch soft and then tough the soft waxy.

3, 100%cashmere neps yarn

    Different colors neps of the yarn is also made of 100%cashmere material. Using a special process of semi-suspension. There has aunique visual effects and design experience

4, Nm2/26 100%cashmere- Consinee classic product

    Consinee Nm2/26 100%cashmere has 108colors and can produce customer color. The raw material is from Inner Mongolian. The fineness of our cashmere yarn is less than 15.5um and can tough the skin directly