NM2/28 100% Baby Cashmere Yarn

NM2/28 100% Baby Cashmere Yarn


Gauge suggested:12 gauge

Colors in stock:36 colors

*Color card service

MOQ:1kg/color for stock, 20kg/color for customer service

more luxury cashmere- baby cashmere

Baby cashmere wool is the ultimate premium fibre derived from the kid cashmere goat of 3-12months;
Baby cashmere wool is the softest and finest fibres which are found on the shoulder and flanks collected humanely;
why baby cashmere is best cashmere wool?
The average micron of the baby cashmere is 13um to 13.5um,which is over traditional cashmere 14.5um and the length is from 34 to 36 mm making baby cashmere noticeably warmer and softer than even the best traditional cashmere.
Baby cashmere production is mainly concentrated in the grasslands of the western part of Inner Mongoliawhere production does not exceed 50tons per annum making this a most rare and precious commodity all around the world that is unique to China.

Consinee baby cashmere- the unique treasure unique to China

Consinee baby cashmere wool just use natural cashmere fiber from Inner Mongolia. We can just get at most 250g undercoat fiber from each goat every year, and only 100grams left to use after removing rough fiber, which is why baby cashmere is so expensive and why Consinee baby cashmere can be the first and best one in China.

Consinee new un-dyed Baby Cashmere- natural, organic, eco-friendly

Consinee promotes Tibetan undyed colors baby cashmere which are DOLMA B051, PEMA B052, TASHI B053, and TENZIN B054. Tibetan baby cashmere is the ultimate in organic luxury. The natural and undyed hues of this yarn reflect the essential beauty, lustre and softness of this noble fibre. The complete absence of dyestuffs makes this uniquely gentile against the skin and kind on our environment.
Consinee  new 100% baby cashmere yarn

In the past 10 years, Consinee has always been seeking high quality and brilliant crafts, and using high quality cashmere material. The dye we use is also according to the environment rule, following the innovation craft, to bring the luxury experience to the elegant women and gentleman.
In FALL WINTER season, Consinee promote 2/28 100% baby cashmere wool yarn, which become  the apple of the eyes of many top designers and luxury brand once promoted.
Consinee baby cashmere yarn-satisfy your fantasy of ultimate luxury.

Consinee baby cashmere- we yield the best cashmere only to you.


Please request an actual swatch since colors can vary on screen