the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
How to Choose High-Quality Cashmere Suppliers?

    As we all know, there are four principles of supplier development for the basic criteria. That is quality, cost, delivery and service both the principle. Cashmere is also called soft gold and is more expensive products. So we choose cash supplier suppliers should pay attention to below points.

1, Quality:

Quality is the necessary factor of the supply chain and the use of the product value is based on product quality, which determines the quality of thefinal consumer goods, affecting the product market competitiveness and market share. Therefore, quality is an important factor in selecting suppliers. Consinee quality is obvious to all of us, cashmere line of raw materials, spinninge quipment and the environment, yarn testing, quality assurance and other factors.

2, Price:

Low prices means that companies can reduce the cost of its production and operation of enterprises to improve competitiveness and increase profits. Significant role in the selection of suppliers is an important factor. But the lowest price of the supplier is not necessarily the most appropriate, but also need to consider the product quality, delivery time and transportation costs and many other factors. We have always believed that the price and quality is the corresponding, after all, sub-price goods. In the choice of low-cost suppliers, but also need to bear the risk of quality cannot be guaranteed.

3,Delivery punctuality:

Whetherthe product can be delivered on time and place to directly affect the continuity of production and supply activities. Will also affect the supply chain at all levels of inventory levels, and then affect the business response to the market speed, interrupt the manufacturer's production plan and theseller's sales plan. Consinee stable delivery lead to customers do not need to worry about this issue.

4, Variety of flexib:

To survive and develop in the fierce competition, the products produced by the enterprises must be diversified to meet the needs of consumers and to achieve the purpose of taking the market and gaining profits. The diversification of the product is based on the flexibility of the supplier'svariety, which determines the type of consumer goods. Consinee not only introduced brushed yarn, loop yarn, as well as sequin yarn, a variety of cashmere fancy yarn for customers to design a variety of styles, a variety of patterns of clothing, leading the industry's fashion trends.

5, Other influencing:

Including the design capacity, special process capacity, the overall level of service, project management and other factors can also affect the supplier.