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how to deal with the pilling problem of cashmere?

In our daily life, there is prejudice that the cashmere garment that pills is of bad quality. In fact, that is not true. It is impossible that a cashmere garment does not pill at all.

It is all known that cashmere garment features fine fiber and soft-and-smooth feel. To fully bring its characteristic into play, the cashmere yarns are shrunk in production to make part of its fiber cover on cashmere garment surface, which grants cashmere garment soft feel. Otherwise the feel will be bad. Therefore, it is necessary that there is a layer of fine hair on the surface of cashmere garment. Under such condition, only if the cashmere garment is touched or rubed, the fine hair on the surface would twines around each other and form balls. Generally, we can just pull out the balls and it will not affect your wearing. The cashmere yarn garment is qualified product up to third grade.

We should pay attention to the following points when we wear cashmere products. 1. Cashmere garment pills and generates the static electricity easily because of its physical properties. Please do not carry hard objects and pen in suit bag to avoid friction pilling. 2. Do not wear cashmere garment for long time and give rest between wearings to recover fiber elasticity and avoid fiber fatigue . 3. Avoid corrosives and oil contamination.