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Do You Know Consinee Undye Cashmere Yarn?

Cashmere with white cashmere, velvet, purple velvet of the points, according to the natural color of cashmere, this year Consinee Group launched four-color undye cashmere.

What is the advantage of undye cashmere?

Undye cashmere is not to add dyes, showing the natural character. This greatly protects the cashmere fiber from damage, so that the product features more prominent. And no dyeing cashmere all selected under the age of baby goatcashmere, feel soft and smooth waxy.

The raw material requirements for undyeing cashmere are very high, so Consinee choose areas of Tibet high-quality cashmere raw materials, carefully selected by the Italian imports of equipment for cashmere spinning, spinning environment, humidity, temperature should be strictly controlled.

Inrecent years Cosninee has been constantly exploring innovation, we have the most sophisticated technology, the most advanced equipment, the most excellent spinning environment, of course, to produce the best products.

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