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Less Cost by Consinee Yarn

Less Cost by Consinee Yarn

Recently received a lot of customer’s feedback to say that yarn quality is very good and feels very satisfied. It is not surprised that all customers who have used our yarn have been accustomed. But this time the difference is that the customer has revealed some small secret to me.

What’s that? We must make sure the issue about cost of yarn.

Firstly, Consinee yarns are all free of joints and can directly machine knitting to greatly reducing the loss

Secondly, Consinee workshop all use bamboo floors and strictly control the humidity of the workshop to achieve the most conducive to the production of yarn

Thirdly, Consinee use the most advanced spinning equipment. Yarn coefficient is stability;

Fourthly, the spinning environment or storage environment in Consinee is first class, to ensure that the yarn will not brittle or mildew and sealed storage.

When considering the cost, cannot blindly to tangled prices, because the yarn is semi-finished products. There are always a lot of uncertain factors. Just as we go to travel, while the newspaper group of low prices, but the potential consumption is much more!

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