the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Why cashmere yarn is much more expensive than wool yarn?

Some people often mix wool yarn fromcashmere yarn. in fact they are totally different. Cashmere yarn is much moreexpensive and precious than wool yarn.

Cashmere come from the inner hair ofcashmere goat, it need to be collected by a special comb and each gat can onlyproduce no more than 100 gram cashmere fiber. while wool comes from the sheepwhich can produce several kilos wool fiber each year.

They are different in structure. If you seefrom microscope you can see their difference. Cashmere is thinner than wool,only 14-16 microns. cashmere scale is round while wool scale is sharp.
cashmere knitwear is 1.5 to 2 times warmer than wool knitwear. Cashmere hassmoother and softer feel than wool, it can become smooth and flat after hang ifit crumble. And cashmere will not shrink.

The total output of cashmere only accountsfor 2% of the world total textile fiber. over sixty percent cashmere fiber isproduced in China. we can say China is the world best and largest cashmereproduction country. Cashmere sweaters feature in soft, light and gentle and canwear next to skin.