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Baby cashmere

Baby cashmere is avery rare and precious fiber,it can only be obtained from the inner layer hairof the young goat.

This kind of hairis collected through a fine and completely harmless sortingmethod,and eachgoat can only be collected between three and twelve months oldof life.

The young goathair is very rare,from the mountains of Mongolian and the north of China.Eachgoat can only produce less than 80 grams of inner fluff(adult goat canrelatively produce about 250 grams),after removal of rough outer fiber,there isonly 30 to 40 grams of fiber available.The fluff fiber of 19 goats can make asweater,but it needs 58 goats hair to make a coat.

 Baby cashmere isnot only much rarer than the adult goat cashmere,and more slender:the averagediameter of the fiber is only 13 to 13.5 microns,while the tranditional bestquality cashmere is 14.5 microns.

 The customershaving a chance to wear baby cashmere will feel the difference at once andenjoy the incomparable lightness and softness.

In many ways,babycashmere represents a new field of cashmere and establish anew qualitystandard.

After ten years ofefforts,we finally persuade Mongolia and China herdsman todeal with rareprecious top fiber teased from young goats separately,no longer the same as theprevious mixing with wool clipped from ordinary adult goat.

Baby cashmere isnot only the western world cashmere innovator,but also has become known to theworld the young cashmere yarn and fabrics producer,these materials are widelyused in clothing,knitted garments and accessories and other products.