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How to identify the authenticity of cashmere

With thepopularity of cashmere products,counterfeit and adulterated phenomenon are moreand more serious,many consumers will inevitably be deceived.We provide thefollowing identification methods:

1.     Handfeeling:Cashmere suede is delicate,villi is slender,and it feels soft.Rubbingit gently the hair ball can be easily removed.Imitation cashmere can be verysoft and has a good suede. cashmere has poor warmth retention property,and itwill produce knotted hair ball with gentle rub.

2.     Color:Cashmereis divided into white velvet and purple velvet.White velvet presents soilwhite,the depth of color between each velvet is different,and most of the fibersilk forged present one color;purple velvet presents black,blue,white and othercolors.But it is difficult to distinguish the color of the fabric after it isknitted into fabric.

3.     Fireidentification:Cashmere burning has a smell of burnt hair.The flame is shortand small,and there is a white smoke.The flame of imitation cashmere is longand it burns quickly with thick black smoke.After burning,the ashes of cashmereare granular and become powder after gentle rub.Afterburning,the ashes of imitation cashmere presents rubber block.

4.     Visualidentification:Cashmere is particularly fine with different lengths.But villiforged by imitation cashmere is thick and has the same length.The former ismore delicate and thinner,the latter is indurated and heavy after they areknitted into fabric.

5.     Brokenwire identification:Picking wool from real cashmere,and hold down the two endsof the hair with two hands.It is broken with a little force.But the fiber silkforged is not necessarily all broken with a large force,it is relativelystrong.