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Why cashmere sweater or cashmere coat get pill?

Some people think the sweater that get pill is of bad quality. In fact any clothes can get pill with friction. It is unavoidable for natural fiber clothes.

There are many factors that can affects the pilling of cashmere or wool.

1. Raw material: the better the raw material is and the finer the fiber is, the fiber scale is denser and curlier, then It get blended and pill.

2. Knitting texture: the different texture of cashmere or wool is different in pilling grade.

3. Wearing custom: different people is of different wearing custom. Because the cashmere or wool sweater is rubbed with different article, the pilling grade is also different.

4. Twist grade: the higher of the yarn twist, the better of the twist. But if it is too tight, the sweater is not so soft and comfortable.

It is common for cashmere sweater to get pill. We need to pay much attention to it during wearing.