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Why do cashmere sweaters pilling?

In daily life, peoplehave a bias that cashmere sweaters pilling because of quality problems. Actually,It’s impossible that cashmere sweater doesn’t pilling at all. And the mainreason of pilling is in the wear of friction, not the quality problem ofclothes itself.

 As is known to all,t he characteristics ofcashmere sweater is fine fiber and soft, smooth product. In order to give fullplay to its characteristics, fulling process has been set specially in theprocess. One of the purposes of this process is to shrink part fibers in yarn, coverthe surface of the cashmere sweater organization, make it soft; If the suede istoo small, feel is very poor. Therefore there must be a layer of fluff on thesurface of cashmere sweater. In this condition, it is conceivable that as longas cashmere sweater is touched and rubbed, the fluff on the surface areintertwined with each other and become a ball. In general local ball does notaffect the wearing effect, avoid by all means do not use hand to pull orscissors to cut. It can be easily removed if it is pure cashmere, if thechemical fiber it will tie off. We can also use this to distinguish whether itis real cashmere.