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Top line special fancy linen yarn- make full use of property of linen

Recent years in international market, with the development of the idea of nature and green products, flax textiles are deemed as the symbol of human civilization and are widely used in garment, decorative materials and other areas. As a professional manufacturer of high-quality fancy knitting yarn, Top Line (Ningbo) Textile Co., Ltd. focuses on developing blended knitting fancy yarn which is mainly based on flax. Top Line chooses the best Linen yarn and blend with cotton, viscose, nylon silk and other materials to develop a series of knitting yarns with multiple layers, structures and specifications mainly based on medium and long sized yarns and percale. Linen fancy yarn reflects different styles and features due to different materials and processes: light and soft, stiff and crisp, unyielding and smooth, three dimensional and supple, delicate and elegant, natural and wile, fully extending its good absorbency, coolness and breathability, lustre and smoothness, nature and three-dinension characteristics.

Because flax fiber has unique moisture absorption, dispersion and water transport capability which is several times better than other kinds of fibers. Therefore, linen clothes are the best choice in summer. Under 50times enlarged projection, flax fiber is like joints of bamboo, with rough and vertically striped surface, horizontal joints and natural linen joints. And due to this special appearance, linen yarn is provided with unique three-dimensional sense and this style is completely a natural reflection of fibre, but not produced through processing. However, compared to cotton, rayon and other fibre, linen is not soft enough. Because flax fibre is short, rough and hard, and contains lower contents of cellulose, flax textiles are normally stiff and obviously itchy. To improve this shortcoming of flax, Top Line (Ningbo) Textile Co. Ltd. is dedicated to develop fancy yarn by blending flax with other fibre, avoiding weaknesses and improving the spinnability and hand feel of linen.