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For Shopping Holiday How to Choose High-quality Cashmere Clothing

Four Steps toChoose High-quality Cashmere Clothings:

1 to see the percentage of cashmere

Check the product's trademark, manufacturer,certificate, tag, size standard is complete. Must look at the percentage of cashmere, marked with pure cashmere is not necessarily a cashmere sweater, but the real cashmere sweater will clearly marked the content of cashmere.

2 the higher the price, the better the quality of the goods

Cashmere production is scarce, raw materials transactions are grams of price, four or five goat cashmere to get a cashmere sweater, high cost, and then after hundreds of processes, such a high costdecision will not have low prices, even if there is no Any sense of the sense of the mother shirt. Cashmere was very precious, high-quality cashmere clothing easily thousands of dollars. For two or three hundred also dare to claim that pure cashmere.

3 full and shiny

High-quality cashmere sweater appearance smooth working fine, shiny soft natural, suede full, strong sense of hair, clearlines, the surface after a small pile of velvet fine velvet, horizontal andvertical coils even under the light will be more obvious.

4 feel smooth and flexible

Cashmere soft and elastic, with good recovery, handrelease immediately, can naturally bounce and restore the status quo, soft, light warm, delicate, smooth waxy, and skin contact when no prick.