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Cashmere Pilling Phenomenon and Cashmere Quality

Since winter, the temperature has dropped cashmere products are more and more sought after. Cashmere sweater texture is elegant, soft and smooth waxy, winter is the best choice for style and temperature.
However, when wearing cashmere sweater occasionally there has some small embarrassment. Cashmere sweater even played a small hair ball. How is this going? Did you buy fakes? Cashmere sweater pilling it? Pilling the cashmere sweater is not cashmere rate is too low?
Cashmere sweater in the end will pilling?
First of all, a slight pilling of cashmere sweater does not mean there is a quality problem. Many fiber fabrics are inevitable pilling phenomenon, pilling cashmere products can be avoided. Cashmere fiber itself toughness, when the fabric surface is subjected to severe friction, some loose fibers will gradually break off the main thread of the yarn , Wrapped together into a hairy ball.
Cashmere products in the weaving process is more closely spun pilling, otherwise easy to pilling. But want to release the slippery waxy cashmere, soft nature, to ensure that feel, cashmere products cannot be woven too tight.
It is noteworthy that the pilling degree of cashmere is very slight, if the occurrence of large area pilling, has seriously affected the appearance and feeling, we must guard against whether to buy fake cashmere.
As a high-grade fiber, finished cashmere products must undergo a rigorous milling, ironing and other finishing process, from production to processing, adhering to the concept of excellence are required, so the pilling of cashmere is very slight.
This special kind of cashmere fiber has its own nobleness among the simple and natural nature, which needs your care. Cashmere itself is the most important thing is the fiber to bring the feeling of the skin. It is rare in its soft touch on the skin care.