the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Why We Use Inner Mongolia and Tibet Cashmere in South Area?

Inner Mongolia cashmere is famous of good quality all over the world, so cashmere was traced to the source of Inner Mongolia. Tibet's has precious yak cashmere, so some people follow the source to Tibet. To achieve their dreams, and hope that the gift of this nature to more people, to warm more people.

The local production of cashmere material is very good, but the environment spinning is not so well. Because the northern climate is dry, and the yarn needs to be wet in the wet place to achieve the best quality.

The enthusiasm for cashmere prompted him to travel thousands of miles to Ningbo, the city near the East China Sea. Because the cashmere is delicate, so the spinning environment must be good, spinning equipment must be good. So out of the yarn twist, the dry will be uniform.

Many people know where the raw materials are good, but the vast majority of people do not know where it is more suitable for processing, production of these raw materials. Just like some time 1 can only be 1, but if you let 1 + 1 is not just equal to 2, and far greater than 2, because there will be a lot of added value in it. For example: Consinee spinning out of the yarn loss is small, Consinee spinning out of the yarn cannot roll down.