the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Learn about Consinee factory

Consinee headquarter:

1.Consinee Jiangbei district

Consinee woolen factory: all our equipments are imported from Italy. We are specialized in cashmere/ wool/ yak/ camel/ racoon etc. yarn and natural fibre blend yarn, in which 2/26 2/36 etc. 100% cashmere yarn is most popular.

Top Line fancy yarn factory: Top line is professional in fancy yarn in material like cashmere/ mohair/ wool/ alpaca/ silk etc.

2.Consinee Zhenhai district

Consinee dyeing factory: we have intelligent dyeing equipments from Italy which can realize quick sampling and dyeing. We have fibre dye, yarn dye, top dye, cone dye and we can dye various yarn 5000 tons each year.

Consinee textile factory: Consinee is specialized in various semi worsted and worsted cashmere products such as cotton cashmere products and silk cashmere products.

Our semi worsted yarn ranges from 26NM to 60NM single, double ply and triply yarn. worsted yarn ranges from 48Nm to 180 Nm yarn.

3.Consinee high polymer material (special yarn ) production base (Jiangbei industrial district C)