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Storage and Moth for Cashmere

    Cashmere storage and moth is a problem that cashmere enthusiasts cannot ignore. The ancients used spices, Chinese ancient poem Bai Juyi has wrote, "open the box with the next year incense", we can see the ancients use spices slim fragrance homes. The ancients of the"lavender" in addition to the etiquette of the necessary, but also can play the effectiveness of clothing pest control moth.

Cashmere obligations of the admission and moth-proof there are five main points:

1, before admission, cleaning must be inplace to keep cashmere clothing clean and tidy. Cashmere clothing before admission, even if only once must also be cleaned.

2, when accepted, will clean the cashmere clothing folded, sealed with plastic bags, flat in the closet.

3 Put some moth proof tablets at wardrobe.But any insect repellent should not be in direct contact with the cashmere, to avoid causing cashmere deterioration or fade.

4, cashmere clothing ward robe is best toopen several times a week, for ventilation, keep dry and fresh.

5, do not pile on the cashmere clothing thick winter coat, etc., to prevent pressure deformation, damage the fluffysense.

According to the above method of storage,come out the next year, cashmere clothing will be brand new as ever.