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Cashmere and Camel, Which one is Warmer?

Cashmere is from the bottom of the goat fine velvet. Goats grow in alpine grassland. China is the biggest cashmere production in the world, cashmere production accounted for more than 1/2 of the world's total output, which in turn to Inner Mongolia cashmere for the top grade. Cashmere fiber is characterized by slim and soft. Its fabric feel soft, smooth waxy, shiny soft, and the same thickness of the wool fabric compared to the weight of light much, and mostly suede style. In general, light-colored cashmere coats mostly from the white cashmere, better quality; and dark mostly from the purple or velvet, less quality. The warming effect is also slightly different.

Alpaca comes from an animal called "alpaca" (also known as "Alba"), which grows mainly in the Peruvian Andes. The Andes mountains 4500 meters above sea level, great temperature difference between day and night, night -20 ~ -18 ℃, while the daytime 15 ~ 18 ℃, strong sunlight, the atmosphere thin, cold and cold. Alpaca can not only moisturize, but also effectively resist solar radiation, alpaca fiber containing a microscope under the visible medullar cavity, due to camel fiber for the hollow bamboo structure, is conducive to air storage, so there is an excellent warm Sexual and breathable. Its length is excellent, but also to the overall stability of the higher, and thus more durable, and alpaca fabric hand slippery, warm and excellent. In addition, alpaca fiber has at least 17 kinds of natural color: from white to black and a series of different shades of brown, gray. It is the special animal fibers in the natural color of the most abundant fiber.

Cashmere can not only do the coat, more suitable for wearing inside. But alpaca can only wear outside, because it is not so touching cashmere so soft and delicate. On the warmth, cashmere is much better. Cashmere is known as the world's most warm fiber.

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