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Special qualities of Mohair Knits

The best results of mohair yarns are those obtained with special treatment of cloth or of the finished garment.

The most effective treatments, to increase the gauzy look of the fibre, are done with water and softener. These treatments are carried out in special industrial washing machines. Once washed, the mohair is dried in ventilated low temperature containers. An extended treatment of the material will produce a more compact felted, almost matted look.

Once finishing process used on the cloth can produce original effects. For example, teasing yields a sort of brushed fur. Mohair fabric can be printed either before or after treatment. To obtain a special smudgy print the design can be applied before treatment. Once the fibres are distended, the print becomes less well-defined, slightly smudged by the gauze that covers it. Mohair yields many different effects. In order to discover all of them, it is necessary to know this fibre better.