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What color cashmere is most popular?

cashmere yarn is favored by many people for its softness and comfortable touch. It satisfys people’s pirsuit for comfortable and easy wearing style.

Do you know what colors people like best? For fall winter season, generally speaking, neutral colors are most favored by many people such as gray, white and black color. Netural color cashmere yarn is very popular in buyers. Netural colors are easy to match and suit for most people.

During neutral colors, gray color esp. such as 2/26 100% cashmere yarn light heathert gray color 25021 is well recevid in all our customers. Cashmere yarn is widely used in knitting sewater. As inner clothes sweater should match with the color of coat. Gray cashmere sweater can match with dark color winter coat like black, navy, camel or dark gray which are the common colors of winter coat. Light gray color can balance and brighten the darkness of coat. If for light color coat like white, pink gray color can neutralize its lightness. The wide feasibility makes it very popular in people.

White color no matter dyed white or undyed raw white cashmere yarn is popularin our customers. Raw white cashmere yarn is made from the best quality white cashmere fibre, and is not processed by dyes in production, favored by people who pursue nature. Black color, needless to say, is hot color.