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Buy cashmere products • What do you knowabout cashmere products?

At the beginning of cold winter: coldheavy fog, rain,snow,fallen leaves. This is the winter weather and taste. Cashmere is theworld's most warm natural fiber; there is no doubt that the winter must-haveitems.

But also due to be compared to "fiberdiamonds", "soft gold", so cashmere is grams of price. I havealways believed that value for money, but good quality and low price products Inever try, because there are too many fake and shoddy products.

How to identify true or false cashmere it?

First, look at the percentage of cashmere

View the product's trademark, manufacturer, Certificate of Approval, tag,size standard is complete. We must look at the percentage of cashmere, purecashmere is not necessarily marked with genuine cashmere sweater, but the realcashmere sweater will be clearly marked with the content of cashmere.

Second, find the necessary wash care mark

Look at the water marked on the label, cashmere products onwash care have special requirements, so there must be "careful handwash", "tile dry" and other identifying.

Third, there is no low-cost high-cost

Cashmere production is scarce, All cashmere of raw materials  are trading transactions are in grams"to g", collecting four or five goat cashmere fiber is enough toweave a cashmere sweater, and then after hundreds of processes, such a highcost decision will not have low-cost, even if there is no Any design sense ofthe mother cashmere sweater. Cashmere has been extremely valuable; high-qualitycashmere clothing prices is amazing.

Fourth, suede fullness shiny

The appearance of fine qualitycashmere sweater is smooth and exquisite workmanship, luster soft, and suedeplump, clear lines, the surface through the velvet processing a thin layer offine velvet, horizontal and vertical coil uniform, in the light will be moreobvious.

Five, feel smooth and flexible

Cashmere soft and elastic, withgood recovery, hand clenched immediately open, can naturally open and restorethe status quo ante, soft, light warm, delicate, smooth waxy, contact with theskin without prickle.

Sixth, not only do not light heavy warm

Cashmere warmth is 1.5-2 times thewool, ordinary thickness of the cashmere sweater is very warm, the weight isalso a distinction between cashmere sweater and sweater standards, cashmere isrelatively light, while the same volume of fine wool than cashmere weight.General 12-pin process is the conventional thickness, the basic models ofconventional men's thickness 250g-300g, a women's 200g-250g. However, unless itis worsted cashmere or too light cashmere sweater is the lack of materials.

So in the face of those low-cost processing, wholesale manufacturers ofcashmere sweater, be sure to keep your eyes open. Sincerely hope that everyonecan have a love of their own cashmere a single product.