the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Specializing in the production: \"manufacturing\" fine cashmere

Specializing in the production ofcashmere·Production of good cashmere

With the improvement of quality oflife, known as "soft gold", "diamond fiber" cashmere hasgradually entered the lives of ordinary people. Cashmere sweater extension ofthe strong, flexible, and has a better skin-friendly, warm, comfortable, moreand more people are loved.


May and June, the herdsmen began togoat fleece. Winter in the past, the weather warmed, and cashmere began to falloff naturally, if the goat's head began to fall off, you can determine thesheep to the cashmere time.

Take off the outer hair when thefirst pile of wool, and then combed out the comb to gently comb the impurities,and then combed with a dense comb. Comb to close to the skin, forced to beuniform, to be gentle, and so as not to comb the skin.

2、Cashmere collection

May and June are cashmerebusinessmen to buy cashmere season each year. China is the world's largestcashmere-producing countries, the world more than 70 percent of high-qualityraw materials and cashmere products are produced in China, and cashmere qualityworld-class. Consinee selection of the original cashmere fineness, length is theworld's leading.

3、Cashmere election

From the collection of raw cashmeredoping which selected grass, goat feces, small stones and other debris.

4、Wash cashmere

Through the washing process, and washedaway the impurities in the cashmere, odor, and disinfection.

5、Comb cashmere

Cashmere carding, and through professionalequipment, which will be mixed with cashmere wool from the separation to ensurethe purity of cashmere.


Match colors, looking for the needto dye the best dye formula, the cashmere dyeing proofing.


Dye according to the ratio of thelaboratory modulation, in a certain temperature and water pressure on thecashmere dyeing. Cashmere fiber has good moisture absorption, dyeing does notfade, high color saturation.


Through the import of professionalequipment, and

will be dyed cashmere processingcashmere yarn.

Consinee has been adhering to the professionalcashmere, producing the best cashmere yarn, leading the world's mostcompetitive high-grade yarn suppliers.