the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Wool yarn- your favorable choice for Autumn

Do you hear about merino wool? If only you pay attention to the tag of some big brand you can find this composition. Merino is a kind of excellent natural fiber produced by Merino sheep or sheep with merino blood. The merino wool produced by Australia is the best and most excellent in quality. It is soft in hand feel and good in warm keeping. Merino wool can be spun into high count yarn.

Although merino wool is not so good as cashmere yarn, but it is relatively cheaper in price and can satisfy some customer’s need for economical product.

Consinee also produce high quality merino wool yarn. Our merino yarn is made from best quality Australia merino wool with fineness from 18.5-15.6 micron which is better than many wool yarns in market.

we have high count like 2/60 100% supersoft merino wool yarn and 3/68 100% mercerized merino wool yarn as well as 3/36 2/48 100% merino wool etc.if you are interested pls contact us freely.