the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Mid-Autumn Festival gift, select cashmere sweater is your best choice

After each rainsat will come be colder and colder. Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching. Theyounger generation to choose gift to elders and the gifts choose best to send acashmere sweater.



Cashmere goatsduring the winter, to resist the cold in the mountains wool layer of fine rootgrowth and abundant animal fiber, so a strong warm cashmere sweater, which isunmatched by other fibers.



This naturalcashmere and rare material, which itself determines the cashmere sweater towear with soft, smooth, warm features. Cashmere sweater in the process througha special milling processing, cashmere sweaters suede fullness, which is themost unique cashmere style.



If personal wearcashmere sweater, upon contact with the body surface of the skin, not only didnot itching feeling, and allows us to have a "light, soft, smooth'comfort.



Send moon cakeevery year, everyone send moon cake, after all, it be a little lack ofexpression of filial special significance. If so, why not choose a functionaland aesthetically pleasing cashmere sweater?



Cashmere sweaterbring warmth. In the world, choose a gift to the parents, what could be moreappropriate than cashmere?