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How to identify the cashmere and wool?

Many times, some people often equate woolsweater and cashmere sweater as one concept. In general, they are all sweatersbut it is totally wrong to think them as sweaters with no big difference. Sometimeswe have to think about why there is a big difference in comfort level andwarmth retention property between them. Cashmere sweater is made from cashmerespun yarn. The cashmere fiber is shorter and thinner than fine wool, so it isspun into fine yarn from Nm26-120. And its knitting fabric is super soft withthe very good warmth retention property and elasticity, making people feelparticularly comfortable.

Now let me explain why there is such bigdifference between cashmere sweater and wool sweater in the aspect of theirdifferent raw materials:

1.      Cashmere is different fromwool. Cashmere grows on goats, but wool grows on sheep. Besides, cashmere fiberis shorter, softer and more comfortable than fine wool.

2.      Cashmere is extremely limitedin production amount. One cashmere goat produces dehaired cashmere wool (thefiber after impurities removed) of 50g to 80g each year, average every fivegoats’ hair a year is enough to produce an ordinary cashmere sweater. But asheep can produce more than 500 grams of wool, it’s obvious that cashmere ismore precious than wool.

3.      Cashmere is also different fromwool in wearing comfort. Generally speaking, cashmere sweater is lighter, thinner,softer and warmer compared with wool sweater. In the same condition, cashmeresweater can be close-fitting worn and not scratchy, but wool sweater can’t beclose-fitting worn generally, it is very scratchy; Woolen sweater is easier topill than cashmere sweater.

4.      Cashmere sweaters do not shrinkafter washing, while woolen sweaters tend to shrink.