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Excellent property and value of yak fibre

Yak fibre is very popular in these two years. Consinee promote a series of yak yarn including 100% yak yarn, yak wool blend yarn and yak cashmere blend yarn. they are favored by many customers and market. Yak fibre is very excellent textile material and can be made into high quality knitwear.

The products made from yak fibre have a series of excellent properties as below:

Silk-like handle

The crimps of yak fibre is few and in irregular forms, but its crimp ratio and crimp rigidity both reached 10 percent and 89 percent or so, therefore it has a great cohesive force. Yarn and fabric made by yak are rich and soft, wear comfortable.

Extra warmth

Yak fibre has irregular crimps, its scales in irrehular cohesion, its heat preservation equals to that of the cashmere but higher than that of the sheep wool. The fabric knitted by yak fibre has mild luster, strong elasticity and silky hand feeling.

Pliable and Tough

As the single fibre strength of yak fibre is 1.5times of that of the cashmere, the products made from ya fibre is elastic and ductile, uneasy to pilling or shrink.

Natural color

The yak fibre has natural colors and its color fastness is good- the gloss is consistent even after the clothes are worn out. Yak products can have even more unique features after bleaching and dyeing using the modern manufacturing process.

The yak textile are similar to cashmere products but its price is low. This show the development of yak fibre has great economic value and market prosperity.