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Alpaca and Mohair

    For Top-line fancy yarn, mohair and alpaca yarn play an important role

    As a special animal fiber, but also thetextile industry's high-grade raw materials, alpaca hair and mohair in the end what is the charm of the winter yarn to choose?

Mohair refers to the Angolan goat hair, mainly produced in South Africa, which is characterized by coarse fibers, curlysmall, shiny good. Mohair fabric feels slippery, mohair and alpaca fabric as much as short hair style.

    Alpaca hair comes from an animal called"alpaca" (also known as "Alba"), which grows mainly in the Peruvian Andes. The Andes mountains 4500 meters above sea level, greattemperature difference between day and night, night -20 ~ -18 ℃, while the daytime 15 ~ 18 ℃, strong sunlight, the at mosphere thin, cold and cold. Alpacasliving in such a harsh environment, of course, can withstand extremetemperature changes. Alpaca can not only moisturize, but also effectively resist solar radiation. Alpaca fiber contains a microscope under the visible modularly cavity, so its thermal performance is better than wool.

    Different from wool, the thickness of the surface of the special animal fibers is thinner than that of ordinary wool, and the density of the scales is smaller than that of the wool, resulting in adifferent feel of the special animal fibers and wool: the special animal fibersare smooth and the wool is relatively feel more rough

    Mohair, cashmere and alpaca hair are the same as ordinary wool, that is, all belong to the natural protein fiber. However, due to the small number of these fibers produced, making these specialanimal fiber prices are relatively high, especially with "soft gold" and "fiber diamonds" reputation of the cash price is more expensive.