the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Why Cosinee is the preferred supplier of designer brands?

Consinee Group was established in 2000, focused on high-quality cashmere yarn, mohair, and yak cashmere more than ten years, is excellence in the textile industry. Consinee always follow the principle of high-end yarn suppliers, has been the industry benchmarking enterprises.

Question: Why Consinee cashmere is the best?

Answer: Consinee preferred Inner Mongolia cashmere. And adhere to the choice of fiber fineness of 15.5um within the cashmere raw materials. Fiber fineness determines the quality of cashmere, finer, the stronger the cohesion between the fibers, better for anti-pilling

Question: Is there stock yarn?

Answer: Consinee will introduce new every year, usually will hold color cards show. Stock colors are more than 700 kinds. Color cards have the color of the existing yarn, and standing color spot volume of more than 1 ton for customers to choose and the min order is 1kg/color.

Question: Can Consinee produce customer order yarn?

Answer: Consinee is a collection of dyeing, spinning as one of the professional yarn factory, according to the different needs of customers, including ingredients, the number of colors were professional spinning

Question: Does Consinee just produce cashmere yarn?

Answer: No. Consinee Group has two yarn factories, namely Consinee Woolen Textile and Top-line fancy yarn. Mainly in cashmere, wool, mohair, alpaca, yak cashmere, silk and other natural fiber yarn and high-grade chemical fiber-based services in the high-end knitted garment manufacturers.

Question: What is Top-line fancy yarn?

Answer: Fancy yarn is the yarn itself with yarn style. Mainly have brushed yarn, loop yarn, tap yarn, slub yarn, sequin yarn, core spun yarn, knot yarn, twist yarn and so on

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