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The use of mohair fibre

We have said that mohair is rare andprecious, but we must add hat it is also unique; on other fibre has the samenatural characteristics. Its success in recent years has resulted in anenormous increase in demand.

Mohair has become a highly sought after andgreatly esteemed product on international markets, in demand in the textileindustries of all countries. It is extremely versatile, and answers to a wisevariety of demands. It is essentially strong and resistant to wrinkling anduse, despite its fineness . It is widely used in making fabric for summerclothing for women and men, contributing coolness, brightness and antiwrinklequalities. Mohair is also use for ties and fine blankets, as well as forcarpets and shawls, thank to its insulating qualities combined with lightness.

It is above all in knitwear that reachesits finest moments.