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How to Wash Bamboo Fiber Clothing

Bamboo fiber fabrics can be washed, dry cleaning, washing at room temperature, but cannot besoaked in high temperature. This fabric should not be soaked forever, and hand washing cannot rub back and forth. When washing machine cannot be dry, cleanthe air in the ventilation to avoid the sun cannot be exposed, should be low temperature ironing. Bamboo fiber bed material’s shrinkage rate is less than 3%and can use high temperature machine washable. The bamboo fiber product is are newable viscose fiber. Bed product shrinkage is in 8%. Therefore, should notbe high temperature washing. It is not machine washable, low temperature handwash.


    If use drying machine, please choose low-temperature drying. The temperature does not exceed 35 degrees Celsius in order to prevent excessive shrinkage. A decorative lacependant and other removable must first wash. Clothing should be dry when drying, prohibit excessive stretch of clothing, clothing to prevent deformation. Folding preservation system, and add a certain amount of camphor,in the dark, low humidity, ventilated compact storage