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How to Identify the Quality of Linen?

High quality linen sold on the market. Prices can also reflect the quality of linen. Cheap linen mostly with oakum,short fiber

(1) Whether the thickness of longitude andlatitude is uniform through the light transmission. If the warp and weft is toouniform, it may be a cotton fabric.

(2) Check the density of taut wove woven.

(3) The quality of linen color is brown,glossy, uniform water. Flax is not good, is processed into a soft linen fiber,uneven water absorption, wet will become black.

(4)The surface of worsted flax cloth isplush less.

(5) The degree of tightness of semi linenis different.

(6) Pull a thread, if both ends of bendingand phenomenon, the line for cotton. The broken ends of linen should be smooth,otherwise impure.

(7) If the soda water is applied to thecanvas, the flax will be brownish yellow and the cotton cloth light yellow.