the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
The Information about Cotton Fiber

Fiber ismainly divided into natural and man-made fibers

There are 4kinds of natural fibers: cotton, hemp, silk, wool

Cotton fibersare extracted from cotton seeds. Cotton fiber is the main raw material of China's textile industry, which plays an important role in the textile industry. China is one of the main cotton producing country in the world, and China's cotton production has entered the forefront of the world.China's cotton planting almost all over the world.

Cotton is easyto dye a variety of colors, but also breathable cotton breathable sweat. It is the best underwear fabric. In addition to the outside as well as the durability ofthe features can also be used to make sheets, towels. Soft, easy to keep warm,no stimulation to the skin, alkali heat resistant, durable wash.

Disadvantages:lack of flexibility, easy to wrinkle. Easy to fade, easy to yellow, easy toshrink after washing and out of shape. So immediately after washing up to avoiddirect sunlight.