NM2/48 55% Silk 45% Cashmere Yarn(Worsted)

NM2/48 55% Silk 45% Cashmere Yarn(Worsted)


Gauge suggested:14/16 gauge

Colors in stock:9 colors

*Color card service

MOQ:1kg/color for stock service, 30kg/color for customer service

Smooth, cool, lustrous and soft, silk cashmere yarn brings more luxury feel to fashion designs.
1. The latest dyeing equipments
Consinee is the first Chinese spinner importing the latest intelligent dyeing machine from Italy.
2. Strong dyeing capacity
Consinee has strong dyeing capacity of 7000 tons annually including 2000tons for fiber dye, 2000 tons for yarn dye, 1000 tons tops dye and 2000 tons for cone dye.
3. Advanced Computer color matching instrument
Consinee has the best advanced Computer color matching instrument imported from Italy. The Maximum resolution of Consinee color can reach 800 degrees.
4. Superior quality Eco-friendly dyes
Our products are proceeded by biological reactive dyes and assistants imported from Swiss which is healthy and eco-friendly.

Consinee advanced dyeing system

This product contains 55% silk 45% cashmere, silk and cashmere content mixed, smooth waxy feel comfortable and can be used in the winter season.

Silk is one of earliest used natural fiber by human, withspecial pearl luster and luxurious, smooth and cool feel. Mulberry silk isnatural animal protein fiber which is soft, lustrous and can make you feel coolin summer and warm in winter. Consinee choose high quality 5A grade mulberrysilk as our material.

Cashmere is the one of the most precious natural fiber in the world. It isproduced under the coarse hair of goat and belongs to the rare animal fiber.Cashmere is very precious not only because its low production amount but alsobecause of its excellent feature and property. It is called “soft gold” andincomparable by other natural fiber.

Silk cashmere yarn is spun with mulberry silk and cashmere, which canimprove the feature of the knitting fabric and remain the softness and highgrade of cashmere.  The knitwear madefrom silk cashmere yarn is soft, breathable, and lustrous and at the same timeit is more economical in price.

KASHMIR Color Carded

Please request an actual swatch since colors can vary on screen