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The Functional of Mohair

Mohair is the Angolan goat's hair, is very strong glossy long-haired wool. It is a special animal hair. In the Turkish language, mohair means "the best hair". Good elasticity, pressure, and a special luster are the manufactures of long plush fabric of the fine raw materials, the current world market, one of the advanced animal textile fiber raw materials.

The appearance of mohair is similar to that of wool, and the length of mohair is 120 ~ 150mm and the diameter is 10 ~ 90μm. Scales flat wide close to the hair dry rarely overlap. So the fiber surface is smooth, with natural shiny color, silk-like luster, not easy to shrink, but also difficult to shrink. High strength, with good resilience and wear resistance and dust pollution are the characters of mohair, not easy to play the ball, easy to clean washing.

Mohair's cortical layer is almost composed of cortical cells, so the fibers rarely bend, and the role of some chemicals than the general wool sensitive, with a better dyeing. Mohair for the dye affinity is good, finished color. So whether you are engaged in cold system, or Macaroon Department, mohair products can be achieved.

Mohair is mainly used for coats, sweaters, and blankets and knitted wool production. Mohair can be pure spinning or blending production of men and women all kinds of clothing, jacquard blankets, and decorative fabrics and so on.

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