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Spring and Summer Materials in the Knitting Industry - Mulberry Silk

Winterhas slowly left us back, although to return back occasionally. But after all,spring is not far away. Most people will fade thick cotton padded jacket andsweater and put on spring clothes. Pay attention to the business please. As fornow more and more people focus on the quality of life. In the purchase of rawmaterials must be careful, do not break the signboard. Now a series of silkrelated materials recommended.

No.1 KYOTO100%silk NM2/60 worsted (Color: cameo brown -spot stocks)

Mulberrysilk is natural animal protein fiber. It feels smooth and soft,       and looks lustrous. Feel cool in summer andwarm in winter.  When rubbing the fiber,there is a unique "Silk Ringing" phenomenon. It has a good extension,and better heat resistance.

No.2 SAMARKANDNM2/60 85%silk15%cashmere worsted (28colors spot-stock)

Ahigh proportion of silk and cashmere, after worsted processing, full of uniformluster, fabric soft and smooth. It is light and gossamer thin.  

No.3 KASHMIR 55%silk45%cashmere NM2/48worsted(8colors-spot stock)

Whenthe raw material is put into the silk, the proportion of mulberry silk andcashmere is mixed. Compared with the high proportion of silk and cashmere, ithas the advantage of strong hairiness, feel smooth and soft waxy.

No.4 KASHGAR 85%silk15%cashmereNM2/48 semi-worsted (28colors-spot stock)

Thisproduct adopts the technology of semi-worsted. Semi-worsted is between woolenand worsted yarn, plump, and hairiness is less than the anti-pilling woolen andcost-effective. Because the price is moderate and the product gets highlypopular garment factory.

No.5 KASHGARTWIST 85%silk 15%cashmere NM2/48 semi-worsted (6colors-spot stock)

Thisproduct is an upgraded version of KASHGAR. Because it is a high twist yarn,strength is larger than ordinary yarn, smooth texture, and very wide.

Mulberrysilk has been used as a high-grade material since ancient.  Its value has been reflected in many areas. ConsineeGroup has been adhering to the natural textile raw materials natural yarn and checkthe source strictly for the end consumer.