NM2/36 95%cotton5%cashmere yarn (machine washable)

NM2/36 95%cotton5%cashmere yarn (machine washable)


Gauge suggested:14 gauge

Colors in stock:15 colors

*Color card service

MOQ:1kg/color for stock,100kgs/color for customer service

In Spring Summer season we promote machine washable series, which is easier to care.

Consinee machine washable cashmere yarn series:

Cashmere is precious fiber called “diamond fiber”, “soft gold” and cashmere garment is luxury, elegant and comfortable. But because of the specialty of cashmere structure improper machine washing can cause felting and deformation of garment fabric. So how to produce machine washable cashmere yarn is always a technology problem of cashmere industry.

Consinee has developed machine washable 100% cashmere yarn after scientific research and study, which resolved care difficulty of cashmere garment.

In spring summer season, Consinee promote machine washable cashmere yarn and blend yarn.

BLAKNEY: 2/36 95%Cotton 5%Cashmere (Machine Washable)

CROMER: 2/48 95%Cotton 5%Cashmere (Machine Washable)

We offer organic cotton potions for Blakeney eco and Cromer eco, pls contact our sale team for more infomation.

Product Description

You can also customize your special color, composition and yarn count and we are pleased to satisfy your need.                 Consinee Cotton cashmere blended yarn maschine knitting for knitted shirt

Consinee Cotton cashmere blended yarn maschine knitting for knitted shirt

Cashmere is the one of the most precious natural fiber in the world. It isproduced under the coarse hair of goat and belongs to the rare animal fiber.Cashmere is very precious not only because its low production amount but alsobecause of its excellent feature and property. It is called “soft gold” andincomparable by other natural fiber.

   Cotton also has drawbacks,  poor crease resistance. On the contrary cashmere, this fiber not wrinkle, so cashmere and cotton can easily wrinkle phenomenon has greatly improved. The most important as comfortable worsted cotton cashmere blended yarn, the price is very popular.    


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