NM2/56 70%Cashmere30%Silk Yarn(Worsted)

NM2/56 70%Cashmere30%Silk Yarn(Worsted)


Gauge suggested:18 gauge

Colors in stock:1 color

*Color card service

MOQ:1kg/color for stock service, 30kg/color for customer service

Smooth, cool, lustrous and soft, silk cashmere yarnbrings more luxury feel to fashion designs.
There is one color available in stock service for this item. but We can special produce your favorite colors by your request.

silk cashmere yarn

1. As one of the earliest used natural fiber in textile, mulberry silk is widely used in Consinee yarn spinning. Smooth, cool and lustrous, silk brings more luxury feel spring summer fashion designs.

2. Cashmere silk blend yarn can combine the advantages of both cashmere and silk and at the same time it can overcome some shortages of cashmere.

3. Consinee have cashmere silk blend yarn in various ratio like 85/15, 30/70, 70/30, 55/45  and count e.g. BRIGHTON (nm2/48 85%Silk15%Cashmere yarn Semi-Worsted) which has 28colors in stock and KERELA (nm2/60 70%Silk30%Cotton Worsted), KASHMIR (nm2/48 55%Silk 45% Cashmere yarn Worsted) etc.

BHUTAN Color Carded

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