2/30 41% Mercerized Wool 17% Cashmere 42% Linen

2/30 41% Mercerized Wool 17% Cashmere 42% Linen


Gauge suggested:12gg

Colors in stock:6 color

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MOQ:MOQ: 1kg/color for stock,20kg/color for customer color

With the lustrous sheen from mercerized wool combined with thesoftness of cashmere and dry cool touch of linen, Nile offers abeautifully soft alternative for spring knitwear.

Consinee’s selection of best Australia merino wool
1. Superior merino wool material origin from Australia
Australia humid climate, wealthy soil, outstanding environment and Excellent management breed superior merino wool, which is the material of Consinee wool yarn and wool blend yarn.
2. Wool fineness 14.5--17.5 MICRONS
Consinee choose superfine merino wool fiber with fineness between 14.5 microns to 17.5 microns or wool tops from 90\\\\\\\'s to 120\\\\\\\'s. So our wool yarn and wool blends is excellent in hand feel and properties.

Consinee’s selection of best linen

The innovated refined Linen with super light, very thin,transparent and slightly wrinkle effect gives out the sense of fashion breeze.

1.linen fiber is strong ,soft and slim,the strength is 1.5 times of cotton fiber and 1.6times of spun silk. The high spinnability is good for high yarn count, it produces smooth and tidy fabrics and suitable for making high-class apparel.

2. linen fiber has such unique advantages as strong hygroscopicity, rapid heat dissipation,friction resistance, high temperature resistance,non-inflammability, crack resistance, small conductivity, low dust absorption, disinfectionand health protection.

3. linen plant is one of the most valuable resource , as well as a renewable resource and no part goes to waste.

Consinee’s selection of premium cashmere

Cashmere is the one of the most precious natural fiber in the world. It is produced under the coarse hair of goat and belongs to the rare animal fiber.Cashmere is very precious not only because its low production amount but also because of its excellent feature and property. It is called “soft gold” and incomparable by other natural fiber.

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