Our History

December 2015, "Consinee Special Yarn Research Institution" was identified as "The Enterprise Institution of Ningbo in 2015".

December 8, 2015, Consinee obtained the award cetificate of "SIWI project" which is firstly carried out in China.

December 2015, Consinee domestic online shop in 1688  started business officially.

November 6,  Consinee held the 5th anniversary reception party of Consinee Japan branch office successfully.

21st-23rd, July, 2015, Consinee took part in 2016/2017  Spin Expo in New York.

July 2015, Consinee Group was titled as "The Enterprise with phase Aachivements in Clean Production in Zhejiang Province".

March 2015, Consinee took part in the 25th session Spin Expo in Shanghai.

December 2014, Consinee was titled as "The Famous Export Brand of Zhejiang Province"

December 2014, Consinee cashmere and the blended yarn was titled as "The  Famous Brand of Zhejiang Province".

May 2014,Consinee E-Commerce Co,Ltd. was founded.

February 2014,  the intallation of automatic amd intellent production line was finished and started to work Consinee New Fiber Technology Company.

June 2013, the online sales department was founded.

May 2013, the provincial-level high-tech research center of Consinee special yarn past the acceptence tests by the provincial and city experts.

December 2012, Consinee cashmere was titled as "The Famous Brand of Ningbo".

December 2011, Consinee was titled as “The National Hihg-tech Enterprise”.

August 2011,Consinee was awarded with "the famous brand of Ningbo".

Octomber 2010, Consinee Group bought 30mu land and planned to build Consinee  polymer company.

May 2010, Top Line textile Company was mergered and regrouped.

March 2010, the company was listed as one of " 510 Poject Enterprises" and accepted the listing training.

August 2009, Consinee Textile Company was mergered and regrouped.

July 2009, the third phase project started.

April 2009, the governor of Zhejiang Province Lv Zushang visited Consinee and spoke high about its development.

April,2008,Consinee was officially accretified by IS09001,IS014001 Iternational Quality and Environment Systerm.

May,2007,the development and research for blending products series between wool and the environment-friendly Zhu Limo fiber were  finished successfully,which filled the techology void in China.

January 2007, the first five-year plan ended and the third staff meeting as well as the summary and praising meeting for the five-year plan was held successfully.

August 2006, the second phase construction project started.

March 2004, Consinee was awarded with the ordinary title of "The Double Exellences Enterprise in the National Foreign Investment".

March 2003, the installation of the first phase equipments was finished and the first yarn products were produced successfully.

December 2002, the first phase cinstruction was finished.

February 2001, the first phase woolen production project and the first phase workshop constuction project started in Jiangbei industrial park.

July 2000, Consinee was founded.