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Great advantages and Values of Alpaca

Alpaca fibre is very popular in these two years in textile industry. There are many advantages for alpaca material.

1.There are rich colors for alpaca and do not need dyeing. It is divided into 22 natural colors by experts.

2.Soft and light, smooth and delicate. Alpaca fibre is as light as cotton and smooth as silk. It has special hallow structure which make it light and flexible. Even you press and use it for longtime it would stay soft and smooth and wouldn’t deform.

3.Warm and moisture-proof. Alpaca has excellent warm-keeping ability because it can keep away cold air and does not conduct heat to outside.

4.Alpaca fibre do not stain dust easily. Alpaca fibre do not contain oil so it does not has peculiar smell and do not get off easily.

Alpaca fibre is longer than wool, lustrous and flexible and it can be made into various knitwear. It is favored by European buyers and become another precious material next to cashmere while it is cheaper than cashmere. In the future years alpaca will become more popular in China market.

Consinee Group- Top Line, promote a series of alpaca yarn in various fancy style like brush/ boucle/ tape style etc. High end material combining most advanced Italian spinning craft and equipments makes luxury alpaca yarn.