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What Is The Important Element for Knitwear?

Knitted products are not simply weaved, washed down to deal with what ok, just woven with a sense of design clothes. Washing treatment is the highlight of determining the quality. Many factories because of the catch-up period, the test piece measured good shrinkage, often will be the same color wash time.

But this has greatly affected each color to achieve their own optimal characteristics, in teaching we often will teach students according to their aptitude. Cashmere is also the same, different colors of cashmere products washing time also need to be distinguished. Secondly, when the knitted products in the wash, any color is the opposite of the wash. We must pay attention to the negative wash, the reverse wash.
In the use of worsted woven products, after washing, do not rush drying, be sure to wet hot. Otherwise it will result in uneven, chicken marks and other phenomena.
Often encounter many problems, so I put these issues into a copy for reference. I hope more information into the knitting industry can be used as a reference